Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions frequently asked by our clients. We hope that this will help answer some of your basic questions.

1. Should I reserve rental items in advance?

We recommend reserving items (by phone or in person) as soon as you know you will be needing them, even on that same day. Without a reservation, we can not guarantee availability for your event and a reservation allows us time to make sure that the items are serviced and ready for your use.

2. Can I place my rental reservation on-line?

We have a huge selection of resale event & wedding accessories and invitations that are available from on-line ordering. However, rental reservations can not be accepted via email or on-line. We take great pride in offering our clients many choices in design, color, style and price of inventory items. These choices allow each of our valued clients the opportunity to choose something that matches their particular wishes and budget and our consultants are prepared to discuss your options and help you make decisions.

3. What if I just want a price quote?

If you need basic pricing and information for reference and discussion, we can prepare an "Inquiry Only." This is not a confirmed reservation but it will list the items you need for the dates you need them with prices for your consideration. If you decide you would like to reserve the items, it is an easy process to convert your established inquiry into a confirmed reservation.

4. Can you suggest the proper tent size for my event?

We have diagrams and suggestions for any type and any size event! We have a computer diagram program that will allow us to diagram a tent event according to your needs and desires. If you are considering a tent event, please use our Tent Questionnaire to assist us in recommending a tent size.

5. May I modify or cancel a reservation with no penalty?

With the exception of Tents, Canopies, Dunk Tanks, Bounce Houses and a few other items, you may reduce quantities or cancel an entire reservation if we are notified at least one week prior to your event. Increases in quantities will be dependent upon availability.

6. Can I have my order delivered and/or picked up?

Delivery and pick-up services are available. There is a charge for both delivery and pick-up and out of town delivery charges are dependent upon the total of your order and distance from our warehouse. There may or may not be a fuel surcharge added to a delivery order.

7. Where and how will my order be delivered?

Delivery will be made to any exterior site readily accessible by Best Event Rental vehicle or to the first readily accessible ground-floor interior space or, in lieu of either, to pay additional reasonable charges for delivery to another location. Pickup of rental items will be made from a similarly defined location. Installation or set-up of items is not included unless noted on your contract.

8. How and when will I have to pay for my order?

For reservations placed more than two weeks in advance, we request a reservation deposit (varying from 50% to 100%) to confirm your order. At the time of rental or before delivery, unless you have an established charge account with Best Event Rental, 100% of the deposit must be paid in full. We accept payment by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

9. Will you bill me?

We offer charge account privileges upon application. For a business or organization without an established charge account, we will offer a one-time courtesy charge upon the presentation of a valid purchase order and approval by our management.

10. Do I need identification to rent something?

Our insurance carrier requires at least one form of valid photo-identification. A photodriver's license is the most common form of ID but others (such as a Penn State ID) are also accepted.

11. Other than paying rental fees, are there any other charges I must pay?

Unless you have filed a valid exemption certificate with us, we must collect Pennsylvania Sales & Use Tax on all rental, merchandise or services provided by us. An optional damage waiver service is offered for a separate fee (see #12).

12. What happens if I break or damage a rental item?

A 7% service charge is automatically included for accidental damage protection. Unless you expressly decline this optional service, you will not be charged for accidental damage to most rental items. For this service to be effective, evidence of any damaged items must be returned since missing items are not eligible for this service nor is damage caused by vandalism or persons unknown.

13. When do the rental charges start and stop?

Typically, we charge rental fees for the number of days of your event. For weddings and similar events, we usually allow Friday to Monday for a one-day rental fee. Sundays and six holidays are free. Our standard rental expiration time is 10:00am on our first business day following your event. However, we will take your special circumstances into account, especially for out-of-town customers, and attempt to charge for the time you have used our rental items, not for the total time they are in your possession.

14. Will a two-day rental cost me twice as much as one day?

Our prices, on-line and in our printed catalog, are one day rental charges. If you have a need for items longer than one day, please contact us for a quote. The rental fee for additional days is most commonly 10% to 20% of the first day's fee.

15. Will I have to clean my order before or after I use it?

We will provide all food-service items ready-to-use. We require that all food residue be removed from them shortly after their use (by washing or a thorough rinsing). This is to prevent food or drink particles from drying and strongly adhering before we can sanitize them for subsequent rental use. Linens will be provided table-ready and do not have to be laundered by you after their use.

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